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forty scars are not enough
She can’t speak, lips trembling, shoulders hunched.  He continues to scar her, his words cutting so deep she’ll never forget.  She’s ashamed of ever loving him, of still loving him.  She sits there and he overcomes her, calling her nothing.
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 1 2
Three Little Cuts
“You’re a mistake, you were from the beginning,” he continues, squeezing her shoulders harshly as if it helped make his point clear.
“I wish I had never laid eyes on you.”
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i'm the selfish one
Admit it
it’s euphoric to see me this way
lips chapped
nose red
eyes drooped
mouth agape
throat so raw
the air I suck in feels like sand paper
it brings you complete happiness
to see me grovel
long for your affection
Please, please, please
don’t leave me
but you do because
it fills you with joy
to know that you’ve created a void
an ache in my chest bigger than
the one I caused you
you keep biting at me
insults through letters and words
on a page but I just sit here
wait just to be close to you
but I’m nothing to you or anyone else
I’m here broken and you love it
adore it, desire it
but I’m the selfish one
so hurt me
because you don’t deserve me
and maybe one day I’ll wake up
after all the pain, suffering, brutality
and realize that I deserve better
but for now
I’m begging with chapped lips
and a sandpaper throat
don’t go.
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Mature content
c o n v e n i e n c e :iconkylowren:KyloWren 0 0
I’m standing here
bathed in the light from the hallway
still waiting for you to come back
to say thank you
to love me again like you used to
but deep down I know you’re never coming back
because you’re angry and I’m angry too
because I hate you and you hate me too
because there’s nothing we could’ve done
but just waited for each other
and you’ve moved on
but I’m still stuck here
like a ghost
loving you
and you’re out there searching for other things
and still missing the point
of someone so devoted they would stand here
door open, hands at their sides
waiting for a miracle
but maybe miracles just don’t exist
outside of fairy tales.
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 1 0
s h a m e
I think the be/t part
i/ laying here awake
body /haking
and knowing
you’re nothing
but a/hamed of me
I t/ink a lot
about the symmetry
of your face
and t/e way your
/air curls just right
around your ears
/nother d/y goes by
/nd /nother /nd /nother
until /ll th/t’s left is bones
ground to dust
–/nd my love for you
The first day of fall
and all I want to do
is hold your hand.
I had almost forgott/n
about /vrything
until my phon/ lit up
and you took th/ tim/ to
/xplain /vrything I alr/ady
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 1 0
You left at 5:30
and here I am sitting up
so sick I can’t even function
but my heart is so
broken & lonely without you
and I still don’t understand
why there isn’t anyone else I’d rather be with
when most nights all I do
is stay awake
staring at a computer screen
and wishing you wouldn’t leave.
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it's called breaking
I had a dream last night that
you held my hand and playfully asked me
“Why are you holding my hand?”
And you held it fast when I tried to let go
and I thought to myself:
“Maybe it’s time to be less pessimistic”
then I woke up
to the same feeling of falling
slowly into fire.
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less than
Everyday it’s the same thing
no matter what you’re always better than me
in your eyes
because I’m nothing to you.
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 0 0
I feel like a ghost
like I’m here but…
I’m not really
anywhere at all
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 0 0
I keep holding into the hope that
It’s okay to love you
But then I wake up
To moments of clarity
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 1 0
after all this time?
I had a friend once who told me
“You’re a joke, your art sucks, your emotive writing makes me laugh.  Every single bad thing that happens to you…you deserve.  I’ve been a good friend for you for so long and…”
and it hurt, but I guess I deserved it because I wasn’t afraid to call her out
on the things she would’ve rather not been aired on her personal page
about how
she really isn’t a good person
or a good friend
because all she really is…
is this cheap, bitter, unreliable, irritating person
who has no place in my life
and her friendship is literally laughable
because she’s the same person, who told me
“There’s no such thing as bisexual.  You can’t be bisexual because it doesn’t exist.  You can’t be attracted to both men and women.  You’re dating a man, you’re straight.”
and the worst thing is, she’s homosexual
it made me feel lik
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The End of All Things
For the moments where…
you blast music so loud
you can’t hear the sound of
your heart constricting and breaking
and the sound of
the world around you
still moving
when your world
has ended
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 0 0
Summer Days
It was so hot
when you held my hand
the sweetest things I’d ever heard
just to see a smile
and missing my prayer
for this to last forever
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 0 0
Sleep Alone Tonight
“Hanging out with you these past few weeks made me realize
why I broke up with you”
and then I asked him
and he said
“Because I don’t love you and I never will again”
and I felt like I was falling into an abyss.
was the best response my head came up with.
Then I walked all the way back to my apartment in the dark
:iconkylowren:KyloWren 1 0
Badfic Episode 52 - I Lightly Grease my Nipples... by KyloWren
Mature content
Badfic Episode 52 - I Lightly Grease my Nipples... :iconkylowren:KyloWren 0 0


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